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j0432665.pngEndenburg, dr ing. G. - Eburon, Delft, 1998 : Sociocracy as social design.
This book, written by the inventor of the sociocratic method, is an adaption of his thesis. It explains the theory and scientific foundations of the sociocratic method. It also contains an empirical study on the implementation of the method at Endenburg Elektrotechniek. Its more than hundred employees were the first to work with the sociocratic method


Endenburg, dr ing. G. - Sociocratisch Centrum, Rotterdam, 1988 (431 pages) : Sociocracy; the organization of decision-making,
Translation of the dutch book 'Sociocratie, het organiseren van de besluitvorming'. It covers the theoretical background of the sociocratic method and offers blueprints for application of the method in companies, education and society.


John Buck & Sharon Villines -  Sociocracy.info 2009 - We the people, consenting to a deeper democracy.


Gerard Endenburg &John Buck – traduction Gilles Charest : Sociocratie, les forces créatives de l’autoorganisation




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